4 Tips to get the most out of Cpanel Server Management

The security of a server is the most important aspect of any cpanel server management services provider. If the data is attacked, the security of a server can be compromised in various ways. There are some precautions you can take to avoid such data theft.

1. Regularly updating Cpanel.
The most important aspect of securing any cPanel server is to regularly update it to the latest version. You can either update it by following the path to its location and clicking on the ‘update’ button or use the command line interface to do so. Most of the servers also have the automatic update option available if you do not want to constantly update manually.
2. Securing the Access to WHM and cPanel
When accessing the WHM or cPanel server, it is important to use a 128-bit SSL encryption. Failing to do so can result in your username and password being sent over the internet as plain texts. It puts your whole server and any data on it under imminent threats from outsiders.

3. Disabling Anonymous FTP & Increasing Password Strength
You will need to disable anonymous users from accessing and uploading files to your FTP server. This can protect you from potentially harmful files and viruses while securing your data. Having a strong password also goes a long way in securing the said data files and your server. The more complicated a password is, more the difficulty hacking into it.
4. Installing an antivirus.
While Linux based servers are not under constant virus attacks compared to a Windows platform, one can be only so careful. It is recommended that you have an Antivirus installed which is up to date and can help you combat any data theft attempts on your server.

While all these methods are pertinent to protect your server, hiring a cPanel server management services provider will go a long way in helping you secure your data as well as any users who are accessing the servers.