Atomic is best Party Cruise, Get one for yourself from Mega Yacht Sales

In this era of competition where reputation matters the most. We need something that represents our wealth to get a firm hold in market. Till now cars, watches and houses acted as an element to show our reputation in the market. But now there is one more thing added in this list, Yachts. Yachts are very expensive and get one yacht can be a big deal. So, where do you get this yacht. mega yachts for sale is a website that truly understands all your needs and will give you a yacht that perfectly represents your personality help you getting some popularity in this competitive world.

Today we are going to talk about Atomic. This yacht is considered as one of top notch yacht in the market. It is 44.95 metres long. The cruise speed of this yacht is 12 knots and Cruise speed RPM is 13.8 mph. At its maximum efficiency this boat can go up to 15 knots or 17.26 mph.
The gross tonnage of this boat is 380 tons and the fuel tank and water storage tank are made with stainless steel. It can hold approximately 56000 litres of fuel and 13500 litres of water. The Engine Manufacture is this boat is MTU, one of the famous producer in Yacht industry. The engine count is not clear yet still it is assumed that there would be two Diesel Engines inboarded in the ship. Approx. 1800 horse power per engine. This yacht also has cabin for captain and crew. there are total 10 sleeper cabinets. The hull is of brown colour and designed of Steal.
This ship is best choice if you are planning a vacation or a cruise party. Mega yachts for sales is the best site where you can find such yachts at very affordable cost with trusted service.