Can you get a six pack post 40

If you have reached middle age you probably feel that you are past your prime and hence you will never be able to be in shape ever again or perhaps for the rest of your life. You consider having a paunch something that is inevitable. However, this is not true at all. Thanks to science based six pack , at any age you can get the body that you want and desire. You can get great abs. You can get rid of the spare tire as well as those love handles. You can finally feel good in swimwear and wear beachwear with confidence.

Most people who are in their 40s or past it feel that sit ups and crunches as well as side bends are not doing them any good. Infact all they do is end up straining their back and sometimes even causing back injuries rather than getting the sculpted look they were aiming for in the first place.

Therefore, a new program is being hailed as a very effective measure to get science based six pack. This program deals with not only exercise but it deals with including a nutritional and balanced diet, nutritional supplements and also intermittent fasting.

Just doing exercises will probably not help to get a six pack. Just dieting will not help either nor will fasting. It is a combination of all these three which together work in conjunction and help the person get the body shape they thought was not possible earlier.

Intermittent fasting is necessary to raise the metabolism of the body. This includes not eating post an early dinner right until breakfast the next morning. The exercise consists of fat burning and muscle building exercises which do not involve spending hours at the gym or even in spending or splurging on expensive equipment.