Chew Proof Dog Bed – Tips to Make Your Dog Bed Last Longer

A lot of people have the ideal intention when they purchase a best chew proof dog bed for their dog believing that their dog will love it and cherish it forever. After all would not need to put on a wonderful soft on mattress when the only other option is lying about the hard floor?

However, as many pet owners find out after spending a great deal of cash on a wonderful dog bed, their puppies won’t lie on them whenever they prefer to chew them and wish to rip them apart. If pet likes to chew in your dog mattress, here a few pointers to help prevent them from doing so.

To start with, there’s a product known as called Bitter Apple. With this product you can spray the mattress itself and it leaves a sour taste in the dog’s mouth in order that they know not to chew on the awful.

Second of all, you can always pay for the dog mattress in a stronger material like denim or any other thicker cloth to assist dog bed last more.

Last, in the event that you tried lots of things but your pet nonetheless proceeds to tear their mattress apart, you can simply give in and only concentrate on purchasing the least expensive dog beds you can locate and simply replacing them more often.

Many big shops such as Wal-Mart market dog beds for under $10 so that it could just be the simplest way to replace your pet, but more often, instead of worrying about your pet tearing up a best chew proof dog bed.