Create better links on web pages

Links are built in website design for web pages. But when people think of web pages they only think about the content that writes on the page than links. Many studies has shown that people who view web pages easily drawn to images while they drawn towards links too. That is the reason why links of most web pages are underlined and a different color than its surrounding text. They will stand out and people will tend to click on it.

Links make content scanning

When a reader visits a web page, they try to learn something or get entertained. Because most people will not read whole page, you must scan them. Good web design can take this matter and make the page scannable as possible.

Include links in home page

Unless the site contains only one page, its home page can have links to divert to other parts of site. Most people may scan the home page more than reading it, so make the links more self-explanatory.

• Avoid home pages with 100% links; this can defeat the purpose of web page scanning as links do not stand out.

• Make links in pragmatic titles not so fancy.

• Link to a general page which have lot of other links.

Order the links from general to more specific

While searching information, people may tend to start with general moving to specific by narrowing their search. You must start with general category links at the top narrowing your reader to find what actually they want. This is possible in list of links made in web design Cape Town. Keep first few links more general with topic and text of link is useful then reader will also see its structure without even realizing. As you lower the links, more specific they well get.