Details about hacking tools used by fb hacker

There are common techniques which are used by the hackers to hack facebook password of someone else. Most of the time hacker use social engineering skills to hack facebook account of another user. Hacking tools are sometimes misused like people hack your account and they use your details post bad thing on your wall, and they also use your photos for worry things. But if you want to keep an eye on your loved ones than with the help of hacking tools you can easily do it. And they will never realize that his/her account is hacked. Below are some tools at are used by the hackers to hack facebook account.

Hacking tools used by the fb hackers
This is one of the most basic tools which are used for getting the fb password of another person. Keyloggers reside in the memory of your system, and it runs at every startup. Keyloggers log all keystrokes when you type. It is mostly suggested that you want to start hacking then always start with an online virtual keyboard as it will provide safety to the user.
RAT stands for Remote administration tool with the help of this tool hacker connect to your PC without your knowledge. Then he/she will be able to see what all is going on your account. They will be receiving all notification about the activities which is happening into your account.

With the help of these tools, fb hackers can easily hack your account.
How to protect your account from FB hacker
• Just install good licensed antivirus on your net operating device.
• Always turn on your windows firewall.
• Never trust on warez sites as there are lots of malware flowing out there.
• Never run attachments from email.
• Do not auto play a pen drive. Malware automatically is installed in your PC.
With the help of these things, you can save your account from fb hacker.