Epson a company as old as World War I

Printers usually have problems accepting compatible cartridges. Why? You know, when somebody goes for an organ transplants, there are lot of risks associated with it and the most essential risk is that, the body might reject the transplanted organ. It might not accept and recognize as its own. And guess what? That is absolutely what happens with printers. Printers are the body and if you consider cartridges as their organs you can understand the analogy easily. And exactly it is told and is highly advisable that you buy epson cartridges (cartucce epson) for Epson printers and not the compatible ones. There could be errors while accepting or reading a compatible cartridge but with the original cartridge you will not face any such problems, plus why would you want to compromise on the quality.

There are several cartridges that claim to be as good as the original ones but it is found that the original Epson cartridge has more shelf life than Epson compatible cartridges. The original Epson cartridges do not get dried naturally and that is the reason why no one faces any problem with their print heads when they use the original cartridges. The original cartridges also save the print heads from rust.

The company Epson is a Japanese company that was founded in the 1942. Just imagine! The printers and the brand are as old as World War. It has evolved in many ways. And since it is old, it knows its way around the market and business. Epson printer cartridges are the best and the most advanced. Nowadays in fact the age of cartridges has almost come to an end. It is the age of inkjet printers which are more advanced than the previous printers. Epson has always been at the top of the league!