Good whey protein doesn’t always have to be expensive whey protein

When it comes to gym goers who consume whey protein, there’s one of two mentalities. The first is the kind of people who buy only the expensive whey protein powders. Why? They simply think that the more expensive the protein, the better results it will give. This is unfortunately not always true.

Just because manufactures say things like grass-fed, isolate and other things doesn’t mean they can justify charging ridiculous prices for protein. There are great brands like Muscle Pharm and EAS that make very affordable whey protein that doesn’t cost nearly as much as the more expensive brands like BPI, Nitro Tech or Optimum Nutrition. It is just that these cheaper or more affordable brands don’t have the same marketing power as the expensive brands that are able to position their whey protein powders are extra-special and extra-pure or extra-isolated.

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You will be very surprised to know that brands like EAS cost about $10 more for every 60 servings. In other words, if you take 2 protein shakes a day, every day in a month, you are looking at $10 in savings by buying brands like EAS or Muscle Pharm as opposed to buying brands like Optimum Nutrition.

And, if you read through reviews of EAS and Muscle Pharm, you will see that the reviews are just as good as that for Optimum Nutrition. It is just that Optimum Nutrition has a lot more reviews, since their marketing reach is very, very high.