How heavy is a paintball mask and is it comfortable?

A good paintball generally weighs well under 2 lbs. The really good ones weigh about 1.5 lbs. Though it doesn’t sound like much, 2 lbs. can be a lot of weight that you have to have supported by your neck, as you shoot your way through terrain and opponents always trying to get you. It is therefore imperative that you only pick up a light paintball mask.

Just because you want to go light doesn’t mean that you should pick up a very light mask that offers very light protection or just protection from forehead to chin. There are many visor like masks that offer absolutely no protection for your ears or the back of your head, also leaving your neck very exposed. While it isn’t always to get neck protection, the back of your head must be protected by the paintball mask that you choose.

Ear protection is also very advisable as a paintball shot to the ear can be incredibly painful, with the sting ringing in your ears for hours on end.
You must also look at some comfort and performance features when you pick up your paintball mask. Choosing a paintball mask anti fog is a must. Fog can make your life miserable on a paintball field, especially if you play in an area that experiences either very hot or very cold weather. Even heavy breathing can make your mask fog up a lot. Your mask must have breathability, letting the air you breathe out escape very quickly, without fogging up the lenses.

There are even some fans that allow you to house a small fan that will blow out all the air that causes fogging problems. If you are someone who sweats a lot or breathes heavy in certain weather conditions, buying a mask with a motorized fan or at least the option to put in a fan is very advisable.