Is your information secure on your cell phone?

We always ask this question when leaving the mobile somewhere else or lending it to someone. We do not know if our partner reviews the messages and photos in any oversight we have, which creates some concern because we all have secrets and issues that we do not share with anyone. We spent the time changing the keys in the applications to limit the access to strangers, sometimes we put so many and so followed that we do not even remember them.

Sometimes we worry so much about safeguarding the data that we cannot recover them later. The security keys in the mobile are important, but not infallible. They can be discovered by people who know us and know what could be the data we put in them, or that someone finds the notebook that we keep with all the passwords.

Already our messages and photos are not so safe because spy software for cell phone has been created that is responsible for transferring the information from the phone to another device, without the owner noticing that they are spying on it.

It is a program called “My TxT Spy” which, as its name indicated, specializes in spy on text messages, picture message hack, text hack, recording conversations, it has a memory where it keeps a history of the keys, functions used, calls, pages visited, etc., provides information about other users’ account, such as email address, other numbers; It offers the location of the mobile in real time and all the places where it has been, has an alarm system to alert when there is some kind of activity.

With the installation of this application in an electronic device or computer, you will have access from any country in the world to all the information registered in WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook or Viber.

If you want to know how to spy on a cell phone, install “My TxT Spy” and you will begin to have all the details of the person you need to investigate.