One of the best Italian-Made Yachts

Imagine having a house that can be moved from one place to another. That is amazing right? Having a yacht is like having a house. This yacht can soon be your house. SY BURRASCA is a57.08 m yacht. The builder behind this luxurious is Perini Navi, a very talented and experienced yacht builder. This yacht has a beam length of 11.56 with a speed of max 17 knots. The yacht is made in Italy and the birth is in 2003. The price is approximately to be $18, 598, 512 USD or 15, 500, 000 € EUR. There is more to see in this yacht.

As you jump into SY BURRASCA you will be amazed by the Passerelle. There is a typical Perini stem cockpit which is covered by the flybridge on top. You can also throw your body onto soft a cozy sofa. This will absolutely relax your day while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the great blue ocean. There is also an area for a luxurious dining so you can enjoy an evening cocktail parties with your friends or families. It is important to see the safety of yacht first before jumping into conclusion. Like other yachts, this yacht on its main deck, it has 2 door to lead you into the front yacht or behind yacht.

SY BURRASCA is one of best yachts for sale this year. SY BURRASCA can be considered as one of the best mega yachts because of its capacities in hosting more than 30 crews. There are basically plenty of room available . The fuel is 55, 000 litre while fuel day tank is 900 litre. Moreover, you can store a fresh water in the yacht at a volume of 12, 400 litre. Fresh water is important during the cruise because fresh water can be used to cook, drink, shower and cleaning. Last but not least, you should have no fear about no electricity because this yacht has its own generators.. It is 2 x 155 kW Northen Light with a rpm of 1500. Enough to light up every single appliance in your house. SY BURRASCA is a great yacht for happy adventurers.