Platforms to play guess riddles ( tebak tebakan)

The more a player practice a riddle game solving technique the better the skill gained in dissolving riddle questions. People become good at guessing riddles when they develop their own strategy and styles in solving riddle games. A mastery of the game of guess riddles (tebak tebakan) come by attempting different riddles from different platforms over time. It requires a consistent practice since the provision of accurate answers to riddles is not always possible all the time even for experts. Different people spend their leisure time guessing or riddles to cool off their work period.

Puzzles can come in different form and style. Some of them could be quantitative, analytical and even mathematical. The idea behind them is that they all have a goal of fun creation by engaging the mental reasoning and skills of the players. People who guess funny riddles (tebak tebakan lucu) tend to be fast and accurate in analytical reasoning in other concepts and field as a result of their constant riddle practices. They are able to think outside the box and provide some funny solutions that solve problems. The skill of reasoning is needed in brainstorming as people have maximized this ability to proffer solutions to complex problems.

Riddles can be formed by individuals as long as they understand the technique and logic behind the riddle game. The history of riddles dates back to when people engraved formulas and words on walls and boards for people to solve. They were used to pass the time and others created them for entertainment. Today, the riddle guesses are now entertainment games on platforms like for people to play. Many have considered riddle worth trying as it helps them to be busy when they need to relax in a cool way as they try to provide an answer to a posed riddle from any platform where it is seen.