Seasoning and treatment of sawn timber (saematerjal)

Treated woods or sawn timber (Saematerjal) is such that can have contact with the soil without getting destroyed in a period of time. The treatment they receive is to make them last longer for their use, in damp areas and areas open to insect infestation. Some people also fear the attack of termites on their wooden products or furniture, and that is why they do not use it in their house. This idea should be countered, because people fail to discover that the environment that supports this infestation is usually because of the poor maintenance that the user has or the area or location that the wood is used. With proper understanding of the kind of wood to use in some locations, infestations will be avoided.

People do not know when to use treated woods or not, and so when they use woods that are not treated in a location or situation whiter treated wood should be used, they suffer infestation. So, it is a myth that the use of wood will surely lead to infestation, with adequate knowledge on the type of wood to use and the seasoning, treatment and maintenance to give it, one will be free from all kinds of infestations. Lining board (voodrilaud), for example are not suitable to be used everywhere in the house, just as a covering on some parts of other furniture or wooden product.

It is very good to have an in-depth study of a subject matter before talking or passing information about it. Wood itself is a material, in the field of material science and some people take on it professionally, o study and know more about it. This is why the field of wood products engineering still exist in some schools, so that this knowledge of woods can be preserved and their applications be extended, even beyond floor board (p├Árandalaud).